In the 1960s, Batman was camp. The hero himself, portrayed by Adam West, seemed winded, even lazy.

—Mark Spitz, from Twee: The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and Film

BTW, the whole book is kinda this good.


I joke (in the way jokes are sorta serious) all the time about how writers should make less stuff (particularly if they are poets). But really: If you wrote one relatively brief thing this month (or this year), & it’s not about having a hard time writing lots of stuff, I’m way more interested than I might be in reading your sequence of every-day writings (or your long-ass book project written this year). Think it over, even if it takes you a few minutes to write.

There is this possibility that The Stooges invent (or pre-curse) Black Metal on Funhouse (1970)—see in particular the closing moments of the album—just as they invent (or invite) punk rock on The Stooges (1969). Once we rename the Nobel Peace Prize, let’s just give it to Iggy (who will of course share it with The Stooges, one way or another).